Teach them…

Teach your children to be kind. Teach them that to whom much is given much is expected. Teach them to lend a helping hand without being asked. Teach them to say nice things to people. Teach them to believe in themselves no matter how far the finish line may seem. Teach them to finish, even if they don’t win. Teach them to accept constructive criticism. Teach them to be happy for others even when they are lacking things they want/need. Teach your children to cry. “To weep is to make less the depth of grief.” Teach your children to respect adults but to open their mouths as well. Children should be heard too. Teach your children that they can agree to disagree. Teach them that everyone is not their friend. Teach them to help strangers. You never know when you are entertaining angels. Teach them to listen, to communicate effectively. Teach them to show affection to those they love. You never know when someone needs a hug. Teach them to connect with something bigger than themselves. Teach them to LOVE. From the bottom of their hearts. Unconditionally. Teach your children what really matters…

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