5 bad habits We Have To Stop Passing Down To Our Children


There are so many “bad habits” that we develop over the course of time that I’m sure many of us wish were easy to dismantle. We overindulge in toxins, food, gambling, and so much more. Then we become parents and are placed in this crazy position of being completely and totally responsible for another human being from the environment they live in physically to the nourishment that goes into their bodies. It’s a tough job. Many times we cave on the little things because after all, is it going to kill them to eat a peanut butter and jelly sandwich for breakfast or to  wear mix match shoes to the grocery store? I doubt it. However, there are many things that we are accustomed to that we should make a point not to place onto our children.

  1. Stop allowing kids to eat whatever anytime of the day just because they cried for it. If they cried to take a puff of your cigarette would you do that? Kids should eat vegetables, drink water, and have real meals. McDonald’s three days a week would give an adult a heart attack so why would it be okay for your child?
  2. Stop lying to your kids. Lord knows I hate a liar. As parents we lie about small things thinking our children are incapable of understanding. They’re smarter than you think.
  3. Stop letting your kids fall asleep with the television on. Many of us have been doing it our entire lives and we have convinced ourselves that we can’t sleep if there is no noise. The unhealthy cycle of light (like the tv at night) helps to cause depression. Furthermore, in regards to children, their physical and mental development is affected negatively.
  4.  Stop Making them think that they can’t appropriately express their emotions. You bottle things up and that doesn’t work too well now does it?
  5. Stop making them think it’s okay to be unfriendly. No we don’t want them being super sweet to stranger danger and going off for a lollipop. But many of you I can’t stand. You don’t speak when someone says hello, you don’t open doors, and you stare through the souls of others that are in the room. Teach your children to say please, thank you, and hello.







photo taken from pintrest

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