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The Insane Mama had the absolute pleasure of engaging in a conversation with Sydney Laws, the mother of Donovan Laws (age 7), who is a life insurance broker and a Chicago native. To say that she is fabulous would be an absolute understatement. Do you want to know more about this beautiful Mommy? Check it out!

What thoughts ran through your mind when you discovered you were going to be a mother? 
When I first found out that I was going to be a mother it was like a switched flipped in my mind from a 17 year old girl to a woman immediately. I knew that I had to love another person more than anything else in this world and that it was no longer just about me, a 17yr old girl living in the city streets of Chicago. I immediately knew that I would protect my God given gift and I would do everything in my power to provide the life I didn’t have as a child. 

What do you do for birthdays? Do you have parties? 

While our birthdays are four days apart, mine is February 1st an his is February 5th, I typically have a party and throw him one as well. This past year we both had parties and went to Disney world for a week. I wanted to create a birthday that we would never forget, as that was my first time ever at Disney world as well. 

 What do you want Donovan to remember most about his childhood?

What I want Donovan to remember the most is the life lessons that I give him about friends, family, money, business and most importantly how to maneuver through society as black man. The objective is to teach him how to see life from all perspectives as he grows into a man. 

 Do you have any family traditions?

The family traditions that I practice with Donovan is when eating dinner no electronics. While eating, this time is meant to talk to each other while helping him learn how to effectively communicate with others in an intimate setting. On holidays I decorate the house & create kid friendly activities. 

I think the most important tradition that I started with my son is having him say a sequence of daily affirmations. 

“ I am a handsome strong black king, I am going to have a super awesome fantastic productive day, my actions today affects my tomorrow” 

 What does Donovan want to be when he grows up? Do you approve?

I have heard Donovan say he wants to be Spider-Man when he grows up, I’ve also heard him say he wants to be a police officer and I’ve also heard him say he wants to do what I do as well. I approve all three career choices because all three have the same thing in common helping others in need. 

What do you want your child to know about being black in America?

I want him to know that being a black man in America is hard because society has a preconceived notion of who you are because of the color of your skin and not by who you are as an individual. The most important thing is when the police stop you listen an don’t make any sudden moves, to speak clearly & loud & announce that you are not armed & dangerous. 

If you had any super power as a mom what would that be?

If I had any superpowers as a mother it would be the power of healing. As an adult I’ve learned that life sometimes wounds you an those wounds don’t always heal. I don’t want my son to experience that type of pain. 
Salute QUEEN! We honor you!

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  1. Tamekia bailey says:

    This is a wonderful story about a wonderful mother! I love life lessons!


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