P.T.A….Smee T. A….whatever

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This is totally random. But…I am not the PTA mom. Believe me, I’m fully aware that there are several parents who work full-time jobs and still enjoy the splendor of being a part of the school mom gang. Good for them. Somebody has to do it right? It just won’t be me. Momming is difficult and full of  3 million daily tasks to do as is. I’m not adding anything extra that I don’t have to. My son is an artistically creative spirit who is a gymnast and on the basketball team at the mere age of 5. Who knows what else he decides to partake in (taking up my weekends even more). So P.T.A……..Smee. T. A. Miss me with all that.

I used to think that only stay-at-home moms enjoyed such a thing. During my son’s preschool years I realized just how wrong that was (not to mention judgmental as hell).  Don’t get it twisted though, I LOVE partaking in my son’s educational experience. His teachers can count on me to be a chaperone for field trips, reading books to the class, and selling whatever items necessary. Maybe I’m being a little extra but sitting in meetings…after work…with a ton of moms who generally have a humble pissing battle (my husband makes this much money, my daughter started walking at 4 months, blah blah blah) just doesn’t fit my life. Unless, of course, they guarantee cookies, cakes, and red wine EVERY SINGLE TIME. I mean, I’m in the social service field and often think “Could this have been a conference call” while sitting in very necessary and mandatory meetings.

I wear many hats as Mommy that I love no matter the size of the hat. However, not all hats fit every single head. Still, I’m grateful for all the P.T.A. moms because the more you do… the less I have to. Just shoot your orders my way and I’ll fulfill the tasks. Just please don’t add another meeting to my life Mama’s.



Until next time…


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