Why Incentives for Good Grades Might Be a Great Thing


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It’s report card time! I’ve been seeing many parents presenting questions like “why should I reward my child for doing what they are supposed to do anyway?” My response to that is clear and simple…

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To propose such a question proves that you as a human being function on a biased and unrealistic level. Nearly everything we do, as adults even, has an incentive. Nearly every goal we reach is accomplished in a more efficient manner when it is fueled by a motivating factor. Let’s be real. I would not go to work every single day if I did not get rewarded with a paycheck. I would not work extended hours if it wasn’t for overtime pay  or being compensated with time off. I complete my work but if you tell me I will get a bonus for turning in project “x” by day “z” guess who is going to go two times harder?! Me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Listen, they’re children. To enforce the “do as I say because I say so” or the “you should just want good grades just because” method is comical. As they get older they will fully understand how their grades can/will affect their future directly but the younger children won’t grasp this concept for some time. These little people don’t even understand why they have to brush their teeth. So why not give a little nudge?

Motivating factors (incentives) do not have to be monetary all the time. Nor do they have to be something outside of what you will normally provide your children with. If you need help being creative with giving the kids an extra push just take a gander below.


If your child loves a particular food but it’s unhealthy or takes too long to make you can use it as a motivating factor. Tell your child on Monday that if they pass their spelling test on Friday you guys will have a lasagna and ice-cream night to celebrate.


The good thing about activities for me is that I’m the mom who takes my child somewhere every weekend. Meaning, you’re going to get to go somewhere cool.  I’m going to tell you that if you pull your grade up we are going to Jumpzone at the end of the month when in all actuality I planned on going to Jumpzone at the end of the month anyway. #Win

Treat Jar

I love a good treat jar full of candy and dollar store toys. Let your kid take a dig in the jar whenever they get an amazing grade and I guarantee you they will strive to do it more often.


For the kids who love spending time with their friends and cousins organize a report card sleepover. If they accomplish what’s required at report card time allow them to invite some friends over for spooky stories, snacks, and movies.

Incentives may add some fun to school. Let’s not forget that we were all kids once before too….

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