Peppa pig… I can’t stand her…here’s why

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Have you ever watched Peppa Pig? I mean, if we skip past the fact that the entire show is not esthetically pleasing to the eye and jump into the stuff that actually matters, the show is unbelievably uneducational as well as damaging to positive behavior. We have enough issues, as parents, monitoring our kids conduct during each new stage they enter (terrible twos, threenager stage, etc.)  Allowing them to partake in such a series poses a threat of them glorifying her negative personality traits. In simple terms, Peppa Pig is a jerk.

Have you ever seen the epidode where she was unable to whistle. She was so very disappointed and when she called one of her friends to tell her how upset she was that everyone else could whistle and she could not her friend placed her lips together and whistled with perfection. Peppa hung up in her face. Now, the 33 year old me was in tears laughing. However, the fact of the matter is, I want my son to be happy for his friends even when he fails. Even when they all went for the same goal and his did not get accomplished, I want him to be supportive. Because that’s what friends do.

Peppa pig is also a chronic complainer and wailer when she doesn’t get her way. I stress the importance of using complete sentences and logic when my son wishes to gain something. But I warn him that it may not work. In my home, whining is the main reason you will NOT get your way. People always compliment me on how my son speaks and they ask me how did I get him to talk so well. It’s simple. I’ve always talked WITH him so that he felt the need to communicate effectively.

So, is Peppa pig allowed in my home? Let’s be honest. The older our children get the more we realize that everything they watch will NOT be educational. Some things are just in fun and that’s fine. Due to the rude nature of Ms. Pig she is allowed when I am watching. That way I am able to go “Oh my that was rude wasn’t it?” or “That’s not how you talk to your parents, is it?” This way a dialogue about what’s appropriate and what’s not van take place. But overall, no. She’s not welcome where we reside.

In point, it’s important for us to monitor what our children watch. We don’t have to be perfect parents (we will always be perfect in their eyes) we just have to care enough to pay attention to those things that make our jobs harder. Screw you Peppa pig.


Until next time…

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