Cause it’s black y’all, it’s black y’all, it’s blackety black, it’s black y’all!


Happy Black History month!!!!!!!!!! Let me start by saying my home believes in celebrating black history EVERY SINGLE DAY OF THE YEAR! It is vital for my son to know his roots, respect the people who paved a way for him, and to understand the magnitude of his greatness just like I would hope any group of people would be doing. Pride in who we are does not demean or dim the light of others. In leu of black history month I want to take a moment to highlight some pretty dope black businesses. Support a melanated business this month!


  • Aaron’s Brothers Moving Systems
  • Xposeur Photography
  • The Black Mall Chicago
  • Litehouse Grill
  • Ain’t She Sweet Cafe
  • Sip and Savor Coffee Shop
  • Virtue Soul Food in Hyde park
  • lounge
  • M Lounge
  • Friistyle
  • Dockery Basketball University
  • All Chicago
  • Lip Lock’d Cosmetics;
  • Flyy Mommi (blogger, youtube inspirer, and Photographer;
  • InnerG Unlmtd; “I believe people are perfect, whole, and complete as is. I am an InnerG Curator. I help people cultivate their greatness through goal setting, strategic planning, and coaching in 1:1 sessions, group sessions, workshops, and motivational speaking. So whether it’s their InnerGod, InnerGenius, InnerGangster or InnerGreatness…I support people with navigating through life – serving as both their cheerleader and coach!”
  • Bani’s Beet’s,
  • Warriors Institute of Chicago
  • Majani’s (one of my favorites)
  • Jimmy Jams Sweet Potato
  • One by One Learning;
  • Black Heroes Clothing
  • Lucas Brothers Cinematography (all videography, photography, screen writing needs)
  • Tickled Pink Hair
  • Warrior Institute of Chicago
  • Mikkey’s retro Grill
  • The Nail Room Western
  • Busylifeclothing
  • Escape the Reality Travel
  • A & S Enterprise Auto Body and Collision

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  1. Victoria Thompson says:

    Awesome way to kick-off Black History Month


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