FABULOUS Mommy Feature!!!!!!!!!

Cydni Polk…Mama in charge!!!!!!!!
Here at the Insane Mama we absolutely LOVE praising mothers for being amazing in every single way possible. It’s not easy being Mrs. Everything to a little crumb snatcher but God knows it’s worth it! We salute you Mama!
City: Blue Island, Illinois [ But a South Side Chi Town Girl till the day I die]
Career: Community Development and I own Xposeur Photography
FB/TW/IG : @yourxposeur
Children: Drayk Aiden Polk, age 8 & Bryce Averi Polk, age 5
What is the most beautiful part of being a mother? 
That God thought I was worthy . That lil’ ol’ Cydni was worthy of raising two future Kings. I’ve yet to feel worthy, or qualified but each stage, though challenging has been beautiful. Their vulnerability , their independence— by the grace of God I have been present to see it all. To observe the exact moment your child learns something makes the little hair on your arm stand up. The moment they took their first step, and later on the confidence to run— it is freeing. Them starting to communicate, laugh at your jokes, then develop a sense of humor of their own.  It is a constant reminder of how powerful and intentional God is.  It’s not always what you will do with your life, but who you will raise—and what they will do with theirs.
What is the most difficult? 
Until the last 3.5 years I was a single mother. Everything fell on me. From doctor appointments, to shoveling us out of alley when our car got stuck. There were some hard days! Drayk, my oldest has said “mom, I remember when you use to cry”… everytime he says it I get choked up again. Because I understand what he means. He has observed our life change from one of no choices, to options. From choosing between gas for the car or groceries… and most struggles he never knew about. I tried my best to go through the valley with dignity because I knew they were learning how to process trials by what they learned!  The biggest struggle has been the load. Even now, it can be a lot. But it is worth it.
In what ways are your children most like you and in what ways are they least like you? 
Drayk Aiden : He is more confident at 8 than I am at 37. He is analytical,  and calculated, I can see him being an engineer because he builds anything, with anything, in minutes lol— He owns every single room he walks into . I always have to find the balance in telling Drayk to be appropriate , but not dousing his fire! lol . He jokes, all day , every day— and needs to be refocused a lot. He is a force!  At the same time  he is conscious, he is present, and he thinks a lot (sometimes too much) , like me.
Bryce Averi: I see myself most in Bryce. He is our creative, like me. An amazing artist like his older brother. He is an observer, and notices alllllllllll of the details others might ignore lol. He can be a bit “standoffish” but is a love-bug when he warms up to you. He can be cautious, and I have to make him try new things (That is alll me) … I push him a lot, because I don’t want him to be too comfortable in his comfort zone. I want him to think, but I don’t want him to be shy.
Why was entrepreneurship important to you? What does it mean to You? 
Entrepreneurship meant financial freedom and a life of options for my sons. As a single mother of two young boys, Xposeur Photography was created Spring of 2015 because I simply could not make ends meet. It was both exhausting and stressful having to choose between basic necessities like groceries and gas for transportation each week. My full-time job was not enough to meet the demands for our family. I knew the only way for us to progress was to bring in additional income— but how would I do that? My time was already limited; I worked a full time job, and being a mom of a 5-year-old and 2-year-old was another full time job; working for someone else’s company, making “their dream come true” was impossible. The skill that I was most confident in was my ability to take a quality picture. I fearfully brought the concept to my parents, who though no longer a couple were both pillars in my village. I thought, “How would I justify needing to spend over $600 on a camera , when I have had to ask them for grocery money on occasions ?.” Both were supportive, I explained “I believe photography is my way out of poverty— .” I worked with an artist to create a logo, and reserved the handle “yourxposeur” on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. I lightly mentioned my dream to a couple friends, and I researched beginner cameras but still did not have the money to purchase one. I convinced myself that there were many ways “I could do the possible.” learn about photography etc. before I actually owned a camera. Early one Saturday morning my mother called me, “Cydni, come to my house— deposit the first payment of the camera you want into your bank account, and order your camera.” Me and the boys immediately got up, got the $115 dollar investment from my mother, and did exactly like she requested. At that time, I was extremely concerned that the $115 payments would be too much of a monthly addition to add to my already strapped budget; but it was a moment of faith . Days later, my camera arrived, a Canon Sl1 from QVC which allowed me to make payments. My first picture was a picture of my oldest son Drayk. I added my logo on top of the picture, and Xposeur was born. Since that day Xposeur has shot hundreds of events and portrait sessions. I have ranged from shooting movie premiers, with celebrities, to content shoots for other small businesses.
If there is one thing you want your children to remember as adults what would that be?
 1. God has given you a gift that you have a responsibility to develop, that gift will make room for you. 

2. Treat people RIGHT! If you can’t treat them right, stay away!  Everyone knows EVERYBODY— your reputation will precede you, and that reputation can affect your pockets! 

3. Your very best is good enough, but don’t play yourself being lazy! You do the possible, God will do the impossible. 
4. Mama has your back , but I’ll probably be on your wife’s side — lolololol #girlpower 

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