Fabulous Mommy Feature!!!!

Today’s Fabulous Mommy Feature goes to a boy mom (we just love boy moms) who is insightful, patient, endearing, and hilarious!


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Mommy: Donné Conley
City: Chicago
Career: Insurance Agent
Son: Savion, age 8
Tell me about the day that you found out you were pregnant.
 The day I found out I was pregnant I was on the phone with my childhood sister/best friend Shetoya. I was nervous and she was on the phone when I peed on the stick.  We waited what seem like ages. It was weird, I was pregnant and excitement couldn’t seep in fully. Thank God I had my sister, Shetoya to support me through the process.
What is the most beautiful part about becoming a mother?
The most beautiful part was breastfeeding, the bond that I felt with my son was irreplaceable. Knowing that I am literally feeding my baby was breath taking. Seeing that face and eyes lock in on you, is a level of trust that brings all types of warm feelings.
What is the most difficult part about becoming a mother?
The most difficult was adjusting with friends and my significant other. Everyone life seemed to continue to move forward. Meanwhile I’m left bonding with my tiny new best friend.  A lot of times I felt like I wasn’t going to make it out of the sunken place. As beautiful as bringing another life into the world, it’s just as dark and cold. I learned unconditional love for myself at that difficult time.
Tell us your funniest “boy mom” moment.
Funniest boy mom memory was when Savion was playing in the snow for the first time as a toddler. I told him not to touch the snow without his gloves. For the obvious reason to stop his little hands from being cold. You know he didn’t listen, RIGHT! Well being the boy he is; he told me that he will be ok. OK!  What do I know, I’m just a mom 😑😒 of course he played in the snow without gloves for like 2-3 mins. Next thing I know my baby is screaming, holding his hand like it caught fire! I laughed, I know shouldn’t have but it was funny. I’m sorry not sorry.
What does your career mean to you as it relates to motherhood?
What my career means to me as it relates to being a mother is first and foremost being able to provide. Second showing him stability, what it means to feel safe outside of the environmental factors. Showing work ethic is important when raising young black children. It shows him that I am fully invested in him, nothing happens for lazy people.
What do you want your son to remember most?
What I want my son to remember as an adult is that life has many revolving doors. The choices you make today will affect tomorrow, however make the best decision you can make today. Sometimes the choices you make will not be right for tomorrow, but you did the best for you at that time.
Let’s salute this Mommy! You rock!!!!!!!

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