Organize. De-clutter. De-stress. One baby step at a time.

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Growing up my mother would often refer to anything that I “controlled” (for lack of a better word) as organized chaos. No one else knew where it was but I knew exactly where things were, even though they weren’t where they belonged. In adulthood I didn’t change drastically. I have always been extremely clean and that hasn’t changed much but I always find a way to have a messy sector or two. You know…the junk drawer in the kitchen or the nightstand. The closed closet door that stays closed for a reason. Now that I am in my thirties, I realize what unorganized aspects of my life cause me stress. If you are anything like me tidying up these aspects of your life will make you feel alot better.


OMG!!!!! I can’t be the only person with like 5,268 emails in their inbox right? Recently, I’ve taken some baby steps that have relived plenty stress as it relates to checking my email. Normally, I’m uninspired to check it which means that I miss vital information. So, what should you do? UNSUBSCRIBE!!!!! I know there is a ton of retail and randomness that you are getting. Take ten minutes a day for one full week to unsubscribe to them at least once a month. Watch the number of emails you get decrease tremendously. Also, go to the very end of your inbox and start deleting. Chances are, if it’s been there for a year or two…you don’t need it.

The Refrigerator

OLD FOOD IS THE DEVIL! Throw out your left overs two-three times a week. Set a weekly reminder to fully clean the fridge (soap and water). I choose Fridays because I can cut on some great music and zone out. Also, I rarely cook on Friday it’s our quick dinner night so I totally have time. This way you never feel overwhelmed.

The Bathroom

There is no long paragraph for this. Clean it daily. You will just feel better. Especially if you have kids and or a man in the house. For some reason their aim sucks.

Old clothes

I am a clothes hoarder. Finally! I said it! You have to take baby steps. Recently, I discovered a simple way to handle this without becoming overwhelmed. If I buy one new item, two have to go. This is necessary for a few months to minimize a disaster. This way you can decrease the old, too little, or raggedy mess in your possession.









Photo credit: Black Rosie The Riveter by Nicole Wilson





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