My Son Plays With Dolls…





My son is a true “boy” or rather falls in the stereotypical category of what people think a boy should be like. He is rough around the edges, loves sports, wants to wrestle, and digs in the dirt for bugs. He loves action figures. Spiderman, Batman, Black Panther, and whoever else seems like they can take on a bad guy or two. But recently, his obsession has been dolls. 

Yep. You heard me. Dolls. Aladdin was his first doll we purchased. He thanked me for his “Barbie”. I explained that barbie is a specific brand. This was a doll but it wasn’t barbie. I refuse to call aladdin an action figure because he is not. And I want my son to love and respect what he likes without fear of what other people may think. If I have learned anything in my 33 (almost 34) years on this earth, it’s that you’re damned if you do and you’re damned if you don’t. People will talk about you no matter what, so you might as well do what makes you happy.

We went to the movies to see Pokemon with his classmate over the weekend. He gripped his doll with excitement during the previews. Aladdin. “Mom I have that! I have the Aladdin doll”. He was happy. He wasn’t ashamed to sit in the theatre in the company of his best friend holding a doll. Before school he asked if we could go back to the Disney store. I smiled, “Sure for what?” He sat up, “Prince Charming. I want the Prince Charming doll. He marries a princess and lives happily ever after.” That, he does.

My son is 5 and he likes what he likes. I see no reason on earth to rain on any parade that he has. Not today…not tomorrow. I love being the mom of the boy who loves to play with dolls.

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