When Things Fall Apart and Life F***** Sucks…

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Sometimes, things are a shit show. In a domino effect at that. Finances, relationships, mental stability, co-parenting, health….it can and will all fail at once. We feel helpless, hopeless, judged, and disowned. So what can we do when we end up in this uncomfortable place.

Six things to do when things fall apart

  1. Express gratitude, daily (out loud), for the things that are going well and the things that you do have. No matter how small they may seem. Remember, sometimes things are not falling apart, they can be falling into place.
  2. Many things we don’t like can be changed. If they cannot then you must change you attitude about it. Make the best out of the situation by any means possible.
  3. Have your pity party, then assess the situation to create a realistic plan. Set a realistic date to put your plan into action, and grind.
  4. Find reliable support. This is difficult for most people but it’s not impossible. Help may come in the form of a person you least expect. Join a support group, find a therapist, or make  new friend.
  5. Move forward. There are no real “mistakes” in life. Just experiences that cultivate us and help us grow. No matter how unpleasant some can be. We all make them. Do what you  feel you need to anyway. You only have one life to live. Start over again and again if you must.
  6. Focus on the basic things like exercise, healthy eating, and sleeping enough hours.

We cannot stop bad things from happening. It’s inevitable. What we have to focus on is how we address and deal with things.


Until next time…



photo credit:https://www.instagram.com/kirzart/


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