Here I Am…




Here I am…

Here I am in the midst of the storm. Here I am with tears in my eyes, a crack in my voice, and thoughts running a mile a minute. Here I am with a heart in so many pieces it takes on a different shape. Here I am in my head. They say that the worse place to be is alone… with your thoughts. But here I am. Here I am wondering if I can do it. All of it. I. Can. I am sure I can do it so why am I wondering. I am deserving. Here I am. Rolling up my sleeves, with a smile on my face because…..

I. Am. Here.


My bad can be bad but my great is outstanding. Here I am being honest about who I am.

I am everything with a little extra on the side. I have a good career, I have a beautiful son, I have a beautiful soul. I am woman, mother, human, unique, and capable. I am ready to get back to the nature of me. Ready to reach for the stars because greatness is in my future.

Here. I. Go.

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