Salute to those us of struggling with e-learning…and the sh*t just started


Salute to all the parents struggling through e-learning…and the sh*t just started. Salute to the parents who are also teachers and have to balance life between both ends of the spectrum. Salute to the parents that are working from home; cooking, cleaning, responding to emails, fussing, and dishing out kisses. It is hard to say the very least. Salute to those that do not have printers, computers, internet, or welcoming space to learn. None of us expected to be here. Salute to those of us struggling with anxiety… overcome with fear, irritability, racing/unwanted thoughts, hyper vigilance, and worry. Salute to those parents that are still working away from home feeling as though you are sacrificial instead of essential employees. God bless you all on the front line in our time of need. Salute to those of us face timing our loved ones in the hospital because it’s too dangerous to see them. Salute to those of us burying people we have loved and will love for forever even beyond the sky. We are unable to hold the hands of those we love as they leave this earth or have a huge homecoming service because love could infect/kill us. To say that this is difficult would be comical. Like the laugh now cry later faces type of comical. Only we are crying now hoping for a chance to laugh one day soon out in the sun amongst the people we have missed oh so dearly. Salute. For we are doing the best that we can. Salute.


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  1. victoria thompson says:

    What a great way to pay homage to those some of us have forgotten, the parents. Amazing blog this morning this should be shared on FB for sure. The world needs to see it


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