Lighting My Candle Won’t Dim Yours…

Dear strong woman fighting to secure your spot,

Lighting my candle won’t dim yours. I get it. You have been engaged in an intense battle encompassed by success, motherhood, education, and love. My God how tired you must be? You have driven on paths so bumpy that the tires have burst. You are so terrified that if you take one step too close to the edge of the podium that the wind of the struggle will blow you right…back…off. Strong woman…what you fail to realize is that when you were swinging your sword I was holding the shield. When you were riding on the raggedy roads I was walking off the soles of my shoes wishing I had it as good as you. Here I was admiring and trying to get as close as possible so that I could give you a standing ovation for your efforts and ask you to teach me. Yet, you kicked me away. We can accomplish so much more together. You do not have to shade me. Show me. You do not have to lie on me. Lead me. You do not have to take from me. Teach me. That way when you need someone to have your back when the world tries to knock you down again you can count on me. I will be ten toes down pushing you towards the clouds with one hand and lighting the candle of another tired strong woman who needs a little help with the other. Don’t hurt me…help me.

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